Continuing and Distance Education for the Advanced 

Mental Health Professional

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Welcome to Gateway Developers

Our program of distance education is designed to bring the professional to a place where he/she can provide culturally competent consistent with the changing times, demographics, and methodology in providing direct services. It is our belief that all are entitled to appropriate educational, mental, and health care services. We have developed course work that virtually all of the content customizable, including the images, text, and links that are interactive for optimal proficiency. You will have incredible ease in which you the professional can access the site and place book-marks in the material so that you can return to the designated course for completion

Our Goals

We are facing the many challenges that confront the clinician in serving the community with culturally competent skills. However, It is our intention to increase this awareness and enhance the skills of the clinician to be more effective in their service delivery. We consider all families at risk that are socially and economically deprived in having access of obtaining the appropriate education, mental/health care services that could improve the quality of life.





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